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The Essential Health Resource for Anyone with Specific Health Concerns or just the Desire to Nurture and Maintain a Balanced, Healthy Body. 

"Nirmala Heriza is one of the country's leading practitioners of yoga for heart disease.  I have been referring patients to her for more than 20 years.  I highly recommend her and her unique approach to yoga."   Dean Ornish, MD, Founder and President, Preventive Medicine Research Institute

Dr Yoga by Nirmala Heriza

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"Dr. Yoga is a wonderful guide to both preventing the most common diseases and as an adjunct treatment to conventional medicine. It will be a great service to so many people."  
Dr. Dean Ornish, M.D.;  Bestselling author of "Reversing Heart Disease".

"Heriza's remarkable book helps reaffirm the role of  yoga as a serious therapeutic modality."  
P.K Shah, M.D.,  Director of Cardiology, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center

"Heriza offers a comprehensive scientifically documented  program for preventing and treating disease, based on hatha yoga postures, relaxation techniques and diet."

Library Journal

"I used the programs in  Dr. Yoga  to overcome two brain tumors and colon cancer. They saved my life."
Buffy Ford  Stewart  ( John Stewart, Kingston Trio) Folksinger, poet, dancer

Magazine articles and interviews:  Glamour, Fitness, Natural Health, Healthy Cooking, Body & Soul, Runner's World

"While filming "Dragnet" I would do the 10 minute microsession that Nirmala recommended for my lungs and back and I would feel better. Really better".  

Lindsay Crouse, Academy Award nominated actress

"The Integral Yoga based Dr. Yoga program is a gentle but deeply affecting yoga.  I  liked it  instantly."
Gary Bart, Film Producer











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